KARVD is the newest innovation in maternity & postpartum fitness apparel created for new and expecting mothers and worn to exude strength and beauty. During and post pregnancy are the times to be stronger than ever because you are now living and breathing for two, or more! Being active during pregnancy is proven to decrease fatigue, stress and body aches. Whether it's walking, hiking, yoga, running or lifting -- wearing KARVD Clothing will make you look amazing while feeling motivated for you and your children.

KARVD mission is to empower mothers through their personal journey with our top of the line fitness apparel. We hold our values in high regard ensuring our company emulates integrity, premium customer service and produces superlative garments. We design our clothing with purpose and intention with fabrics of the highest quality, aiming to make each individual feel strong, confident and liberated. 

We ship world wide making the perfect baby shower gift for long distance friends and loved ones!