ARMORED: Fitness Body Sculptor

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KARVD ARMORED is an undergarment to be worn prior to, during and after your work out. While lifting, during light calisthenics or going about your normal day, wrap your body in comfort and support that will prevent or ease back pain.

During pregnancy skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones stretch and change shape. After delivery, skin and abdominal muscles stay stretched and lax. Wearing KARVD ARMORED works to help retain shape and position as well as sculpt and reshape stretched body tissues. Wear during exercise to increase thermal activity and dissolve fat cells.

*Innovative use of sweat wicking, water repellent material engineered with memory metal

*Works to comfortably sculpt and shape muscles

*Continual use result in a lasting slimmer more toned silhouette.

*Worn Postpartum

**Please consult a physician prior to the use of this product to avoid injury**